Eric’s Carob-Macadamia Delight

Carob Smoothie 


2 Tbls Carob Powder
2 Frozen bannanas
1-2 tsps Caf-Lib or Roma (coffee substitute-no caffeine)
2 Tbls Macadamian nut butter raw (or subst. Cashew Nut Butter)
2 Tbls Coconut Cream (canned)
1-2 Cups Almond or Soy Milk (you may need to add more, depending upon if you like your drink thick or watery)
1/4 Cup Vanilla Soy Creamer


Put it all into a blender and blend until smooth.  Add a couple ice cubes  and blend if you would like it colder.

Pour into stemmed glasses and add whipped cream on top.

Serve with a spoon or straw.  Drink slowly and with much delight!

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